At Blackstone you don’t get a job, you get a vast network of likeminded professionals, committed to create huge steel structures with 100% accuracy. You will be inspired to work hard, learn new skills, and develop yourself to be great at your current job, and prepare yourself for professional growth beyond your current skill level.

Our strong culture creates a path to strive towards perfection that becomes your habit. You and your team will create a commitment to excellent, an "esprit de corps” and a devotion to our customers. We are laser focused on creating long term partnerships and alliances with customers. It is a seamless relationship; their projects, deadlines and reputation is the same as ours. As an employee at Blackstone, you will feel great pride is what you do, how you do it and who you do it for!

At Blackstone, we differentiate ourselves and our culture by investing in our people. Our bond with you is based on virtues of trust, respect, honesty, commitment, appreciation, empathy and openness. We are looking for people to join our team who want to become the best engineers; smarter, more brave, more committed, and those who can challenge themselves and those around them. Can you step up and deliver excellence to your company and our customers?

Blackstone is an engineering company full of connected people, we're engineers working with the latest software and cutting-edge building and design technology. It is the passion of people like you who made us who we are today. We hope to welcome you to The Blackstone Group so you can grow along with us.

If you believe you have what it takes, or want to learn more, please contact our Human Resources team and send your CV or inquiries to